CrossChair: Adaptability, plus a 'Smart' Feedback System

Sitting Kills (Your Health)

Nilofer Merchant claimed at TED 2013, "Sitting has become the smoking of our generation." In addition to the personal impact, it has a real cost for businesses. Studies by have found sitting-related back pain cost businesses and €240 billion, and affected 100 million people.

The bottom line is, many of us are stuck in a chair for long periods of time every day – whether for work or other activities. And it’s not all good.

Conventional chairs – even expensive office chairs – lead to fatigue, back pain, slouching and slumped shoulders.

The CrossChair

The CrossChair: Reclaim Your Health

The CrossChair reinvents the office chair, so you can sit cross-legged! Change your posture throughout the day from standard to cross-legged position, and everything in between!

The chairs you sit in on a daily basis are a surprisingly personal item, with a tremendous impact on your health and well-being. I set out to build the CrossChair to give people a new option to improve posture, eliminate fatigue and reduce back pain: The option to convert the CrossChair from standard to cross-legged position can transform these hours of sitting into a positive and even healthful experience.

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Reinvent your posture, daily 

Change the way you sit... frequently!

Experts agree that sitting cross-legged is a great alternative: It is better for your posture, and keeps the hips and legs flexible. Many find it helps reduce or eliminate back pain caused by sitting for extended periods of time.