Change the way you sit... frequently!

Experts agree that sitting cross-legged is a great alternative: It is better for your posture, and keeps the hips and legs flexible. Many find it helps reduce or eliminate back pain caused by sitting for extended periods of time.

The CrossChair

Nilofer Merchant claimed at TED 2013, "Sitting has become the smoking of our generation." In addition to the personal impact, it has a real cost for businesses. Studies by have found sitting-related back pain cost businesses and €240 billion, and affected 100 million people.

The bottom line is, many of us are stuck in a chair for long periods of time every day – whether for work or other activities. And it’s not all good.

Conventional chairs – even expensive office chairs – lead to fatigue, back pain, slouching and slumped shoulders.

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Sitting Kills (Your Health)

Sitting kills, Reclaim Your Health